5.8kW Solar PV & Battery Storage Installation, Prestatyn


When the homeowner of this dormer bungalow in Prestatyn approached us looking to improve their home’s energy efficiency, we were ready to provide a bespoke and sustainable energy solution that met their requirements.


The project commenced with a thorough assessment of the energy needs and the feasibility of solar power integration. After careful analysis by our team a 5.8kW solar array was selected, consisting of 14 x 420w Trina all-black panels. These high-efficiency panels were strategically placed to maximise energy capture from the sun, covering most of the rear rooftop and a vertical strip up the side of the front roof. This configuration was chosen to make the most of the available space and ensure optimal power generation.

To complement the solar array, we specified a GivEnergy 5kW hybrid inverter and a GivEnergy 9.5kWh battery storage system in the adjacent garage. The hybrid inverter efficiently converts the captured solar energy into usable power for use within the home, while the battery system serves as a storage solution for excess energy. This ensures a sustainable and reliable energy supply, even during periods of low solar input or power outages.

In addition to the solar panels and battery system, we specified a Zappi charger to be mounted on the garage. This charging station was specifically designed for electric vehicles (EVs) and offers smart charging features, allowing the homeowner to charge their EV with solar-generated electricity, further reducing their carbon footprint.


Our in-house team of skilled technicians carefully mounted the Trina all-black panels on the roof. The GivEnergy inverter and battery system were seamlessly integrated into the garage’s electrical setup, and the Zappi charger was installed, ready for EV charging.

Stringent quality checks and safety inspections were conducted throughout the installation process to guarantee the reliability and longevity of the whole system. The entire installation was completed within the agreed-upon timeline, minimising any disruption to the homeowner’s daily routine.


Since the installation of the 5.8kW solar array, the homeowner has experienced a significant reduction in its reliance on grid electricity. The Trina all-black panels, coupled with the GivEnergy inverter and battery system, have consistently delivered a reliable and sustainable source of power, reducing energy bills and carbon emissions.

The addition of the Zappi charger has streamlined EV charging, allowing the homeowner to charge their electric vehicle using clean, solar-generated energy. This integration is the ideal approach to sustainability, encompassing both household energy consumption and transportation.

In conclusion, the installation of the solar array, inverter, battery system, and EV charger represents a successful implementation of green energy solutions. It showcases the potential for reducing carbon emissions in North Wales, lowering energy costs, and enhancing the overall sustainability of residential properties.