4kW Solar PV Installation for Anglesey Golf Club


Anglesey Golf Club, located in Rhosneigr to the southwest of Anglesey, North Wales, boasts a challenging course that caters to golfers of all abilities. Established in 1914, the club has a rich history and a strong commitment to embracing modern advancements. In line with this forward-thinking ethos, the club recently opted to enhance its sustainability by installing solar panels on its clubhouse. This case study outlines this renewable energy project’s methodology, installation process, and outcomes.


The project commenced with a comprehensive survey conducted by our expert team. The objective was to assess the feasibility and optimal placement of solar panels on the clubhouse’s pitched roof. After evaluating various factors, including roof orientation, structural integrity, and shading, we recommended the installation of ten high-efficiency 400w solar panels. These panels, known for their durability and high performance, were selected to maximise energy generation and ensure long-term reliability.

The system was designed to produce a combined output of 4kW, with an expected annual generation of 3,400kWh of electricity. This amount of energy is anticipated to significantly reduce the club’s reliance on electricity from the National Grid, providing a substantial amount of clean, renewable energy each year. Given the unpredictable weather conditions of Anglesey, the durability of the panels and mounting system was a critical consideration.


The installation process began with the preparation of the clubhouse roof. Our team ensured that the roof was structurally sound and ready to support the weight and configuration of the solar panels. Safety measures were meticulously followed to protect both our team and the club’s property.

The ten 400w solar panels were then securely mounted using a robust all-weather mounting system. Each panel was carefully positioned to optimise exposure to sunlight, maximising energy generation efficiency. The installation process was executed with minimal disruption to the club’s daily operations, allowing members to continue enjoying the facilities without any inconvenience.

Once installed, the system was tested to ensure optimal performance and adherence to safety standards. The club’s management was provided with a detailed overview of the system’s functionality and maintenance requirements, ensuring they were well-equipped to manage the new installation.


The solar panel installation at Anglesey Golf Club is a significant step towards sustainability and renewable energy adoption. The system is expected to generate approximately 3,400kWh of free electricity annually, substantially reducing the club’s energy costs and carbon footprint. By embracing renewable energy, Anglesey Golf Club continues to honour its rich heritage while looking forward to a sustainable future. The successful installation of the solar panels highlights the club’s commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility.