36 Solar PV Installations For Anglesey County Council

JM Renewable Solutions were appointed by Anglesey County Council to install 36nr Solar PV systems for 36nr of their properties across 4nr different locations.

JM Renewable Solutions were appointed based on their experience, competence and overall bid they submitted to the council.

The entire project took 2 months to complete, from April 2019-June 2019. The installation of the Solar PV however, was completed within 22nr days.

Prior to installation, JM Renewable Solutions Ltd were required to conduct 36nr individual site surveys, asses the feasibility of the install, advising the council on any unforeseen issues, producing alternative proposal where necessary, organising installation dates and producing a detailed programme of works. Throughout the project it was imperative that JM Renewable Solutions met with the council representatives frequently for updates both on and off site.

The installation consisted of systems between 2.5KW-4KW capacity, with specified inverters and generation meters (used for monitoring). They also installed 2nr systems per day, with an extra day for any required corrections or unavoidable onsite delays. Upon successful installation, JMRS were required to send all necessary documentation including the MCS handover packs to the CA for review.