3.36kW Solar PV & Battery Installation, Brecon


A recent project involved the installation of eight high-efficiency 420W solar panels on a property situated in the picturesque town of Brecon, Powys. Our client, a forward-thinking homeowner, was keen to harness solar power to reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills.


The success of any Solar PV and Battery installation depends on meticulous planning and a well-executed process. In this case, our approach followed industry best practices to ensure a quick and efficient installation. We began with a thorough assessment of the property, taking into account its location and the unique environmental factors that the Brecon Beacons present. This included considering the orientation of the roof, shading issues, and local regulations.

Once the site survey was complete, we selected and procured eight 420W solar panels for their efficiency and durability. These panels would be mounted onto the property’s slate roof using a rail-based system. The choice of rails allowed for a secure and long-lasting attachment to the roof, ensuring the panels would withstand the region’s variable weather conditions.

The heart of the system was a GivEnergy 3.6kW hybrid PV battery inverter, expertly chosen for its excellent compatibility with the solar array and the client’s specific energy needs. A 5.2kW GivEnergy Battery was chosen to store excess energy for use during cloudy days or at night. This hybrid setup ensured our client could maximise self-consumption and further reduce their reliance on the National Grid.


The installation process itself was carried out by our in-house team of experienced and certified professionals. Safety was a top priority throughout the installation, with our team equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment and adhering to all safety standards. The solar panels were mounted securely onto the slate roof using the rails, ensuring a stable and weather-resistant installation.

The GivEnergy 3.6kW hybrid PV battery inverter and 5.2kW GivEnergy Battery were securely mounted in the attic and connected to the solar array, allowing for efficient energy conversion and storage. The customer qualified for 0% VAT on both the solar panels and the battery because they were installed together as an integrated system. This VAT exemption further enhanced the overall cost-effectiveness of the system.


The homeowner was very happy with the results, not only significantly reducing their reliance on the National Grid but has also witnessed substantial savings on their energy bills. With the GivEnergy hybrid system and battery, the property can store excess energy during sunny days, which can then be used on demand. As solar and battery technology continues to advance, the benefits of such installations become increasingly appealing to homeowners and businesses looking to invest in a sustainable future.