25KW Solar PV Installation for Wynne Construction


Wynne Construction, a prominent construction company operating in Kinmel Park, Denbighshire, recently embraced sustainable energy solutions by commissioning the installation of a 25kW Solar PV array. The company, renowned for delivering innovative and high-quality construction projects across Wales and the North West of England, sought to enhance their climate-conscious business practices. The commercial solar array, comprising 58 Trina panels with a total capacity of 25kW, aimed to harness clean energy and contribute to Wynne Construction’s commitment to sustainability.


A thorough site assessment was our initial step, examining environmental considerations and structural requirements. Opting for a flat roof installation with the Van der Valk mounting kit emerged as the preferred choice, allowing for strategic panel placement and maximising sunlight capture. The selection of 425W Trina panels and a Solis 5G series inverter underlines our commitment to cutting-edge technology, ensuring peak energy output while adhering to the best industry standards.

Careful planning and collaboration with Wynne Construction were vital. We navigated the complexities of the installation process, addressing potential challenges whilst maintaining a keen focus on safety.


The physical installation brought our plans to life. Collaborating closely with Wynne Construction, our team secured the 58 Trina panels onto the flat roof using the Van der Valk mounting kit. The robust foundation provided a stable platform, while the strategic placement of the Solis 5G series inverter optimised energy conversion. Rigorous adherence to safety protocols ensured a smooth integration, minimising disruption to Wynne Construction’s ongoing operations.


The successful installation of the 25kW Solar PV array is a testament to our team’s dedication and technical proficiency. The Trina panels, combined with the Solis 5G inverter, now reliably generate clean energy, aligning seamlessly with Wynne Construction’s sustainability goals. Our contribution reduces their environmental impact while providing long-term cost savings through the use of solar power.

This project demonstrates our commitment to pushing the boundaries of renewable energy integration in the construction industry. Moving forward, we take pride in having played a pivotal role in advancing sustainable practices within the industry, reinforcing the idea that a commitment to environmental sustainability and technical expertise can seamlessly coexist.