25kW Solar PV Installation for Midlands Boat Station


The Midlands Boat Station, situated on the picturesque banks of the Edgbaston Reservoir in Birmingham, is set to become a cutting-edge leisure facility for watersports training. Due to be completed this summer, the state-of-the-art building is designed for the Sea Cadets, offering a diverse array of inshore boating activities such as dinghy sailing, paddlesports, powerboating, rowing, and windsurfing. As part of our commitment to sustainable energy solutions, we were entrusted with the task of installing 61 Trina solar panels, each boasting a capacity of 420kW. This case study examines the methodology behind the solar panel installation and the subsequent outcome.


Our approach to installing 61 solar panels at the Midlands Boat Station involved our usual step-by-step approach. Firstly, a thorough site assessment was conducted by our team to evaluate the optimal locations for rooftop panel placement, considering factors such as sunlight exposure, structural integrity, and aesthetic appeal. Following this, a collaborative effort with structural engineers and electricians ensured seamless integration into the station’s design and existing electrical systems.

The selected solar panels were the high-performance 420kW Trina’s, chosen for their efficiency and reliability. Rigorous checks was carried out to ensure compliance with industry standards and the specific energy requirements of the Boat Station. Our installation team would adher to strict safety protocols throughout the installation to guarantee the well-being of both personnel and the facility.


With careful planning and precision, the installation of 61 Trina solar panels was completed successfully. The panels were strategically positioned to optimise sunlight absorption, maximising energy generation. Our team worked in tandem with the tight construction schedule, ensuring minimal disruption to the ongoing activities on the construction site.


The successful installation of 61 solar panels at the Midlands Boat Station has resulted in a projected annual energy production of 20,309kWh. This achievement not only contributes significantly to the station’s energy needs but also aligns with broader sustainability goals. The solar panels not only offer an environmentally friendly energy source but also contribute to long-term cost savings.

The Midlands Boat Station can now operate its watersports training activities with a reduced carbon footprint, setting a benchmark for eco-friendly leisure infrastructure. This project illustrates the seamless integration of renewable energy solutions into modern facilities, paving the way for a more sustainable future.