12kW Solar PV Installation for The Tax Academy


We recently completed a solar, battery and EV Charger installation project for The Tax Academy, an organisation dedicated to assisting prisoners with their tax affairs from their offices located at Lon Parcwr Business Park in Ruthin, Denbighshire. This case study outlines this renewable energy project’s methodology, installation process, and outcomes.


Following a comprehensive assessment of the office’s flat roof, we recommended the installation of 28 Trina solar panels, each with a capacity of 435 kW, connected to a 10 kW SolarEdge inverter. These components were selected for their excellent efficiency and reliability. The solar panels were projected to generate approximately 10,712 kWh per year, providing significant energy savings and environmental benefits.

In addition to the solar panels and inverter, we specified a 13.5 kWh Tesla Powerwall into the system to store excess energy. The Powerwall automatically detects outages and switches energy sources when the grid goes down, ensuring uninterrupted office operations. In addition to this, we also included a MyEnergy Zappi 7.2 kW EV Charge Point to meet the electric vehicle charging needs of the employees and visitors.


The installation process was carefully planned and executed to ensure the integrity of the office’s flat roof. The solar panels were securely mounted with careful consideration to avoid any potential damage to the roof’s waterproof seal. The Tesla Powerwall installation was carried out to maximise storage efficiency and integrated with the existing electrical system. The Powerwall, paired with the solar panels, ensures that excess energy is stored and utilised effectively, providing a reliable backup during power outages.

Finally, the MyEnergy Zappi EV Charge Point was installed in the car park, enabling employees and visitors to charge their electric vehicles conveniently at the office. This addition not only supports the transition to electric vehicles but also enhances the overall sustainability of the business.


The installation was a resounding success, with all components functioning seamlessly together. Post-installation testing confirmed the efficient operation of the solar panels, inverter, Powerwall, and EV Charge Point. The system’s performance exceeded initial projections, much to the delight of the business owner.

The Tax Academy now benefits from a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution, significantly reducing their reliance on the National Grid and ensuring uninterrupted operations. The integration of the Tesla Powerwall provides additional security, allowing the office to remain operational during power outages, while the MyEnergy Zappi Charge Point supports the growing need for electric vehicle infrastructure.

Overall, this installation not only optimises energy usage but also supports environmental sustainability, aligning with The Tax Academy’s commitment to innovative and responsible business practices.