100kW PV Array for Rhyl College Using VanderValk Flat Roof System


JM Renewable Solutions Ltd recently installed a 100kW PV array for Rhyl College. The installation comprised of 268 x 375w Longi solar panels and utilised a VanderValk flat roof system. The installation was completed in just one week and met all necessary safety regulations and DNO approvals.


Rhyl College was seeking to reduce its carbon footprint and lower its energy costs by installing a PV array on its premises. They needed a reliable and experienced company to design and install the PV array, ensuring that it would provide maximum energy generation for their classrooms.


JM Renewable Solutions Ltd utilised 268 x 375watt Longi panels and a VanderValk flat roof system to provide maximum energy generation while ensuring the safety and security of the installation.

The installation was completed in just one week, thanks to the company’s efficient and experienced team of installers and electricians. The installation met all necessary safety regulations, including the use of fall protection systems, and gained approval from the DNO, ensuring that the PV array was safe and legal to operate.


The 100kW PV array installed by JM Renewable Solutions Ltd at Rhyl College is expected to provide significant benefits for the college and its students. The PV array will generate clean, renewable energy that can be used to power the college’s facilities, reducing its reliance on grid energy and lowering its energy costs.

The VanderValk flat roof system utilised in the installation provided a secure and stable platform for the PV array, ensuring that it would perform well even in adverse weather conditions. The system also allowed for easy maintenance and repair of the panels, reducing the overall cost of ownership for the college.


JM Renewable Solutions Ltd’s installation of a 100kW PV array for Rhyl College is an excellent example of how renewable energy sources can provide significant benefits for educational institutions and other organisations. Our commitment to safety, quality, and efficiency ensured that the PV array was installed quickly and efficiently, providing immediate benefits to the college.

By showcasing the use of renewable energy sources, the college is setting an example for future generations and demonstrating its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. It also sends a message that the college is taking steps to address the global challenge of climate change by transitioning away from fossil fuels. This can inspire and motivate students to adopt more sustainable practices in their own lives and future careers. Additionally, the solar panels can be incorporated into curriculum and research projects, providing students with valuable hands-on learning opportunities in the field of renewable energy.